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Win Lot's of prices and Endorsements in the online Face of Mikyc 2018 Season 1

Welcome to the Face of MikyC online photo/modelling contest 2018 season 1

The Face of Mikyc (FOMC) is a quarterly photo/beauty pageant that is designed to showcase beauty, intelligence, potentials, technology/ICT skills, Literary skills and also boost confidence and leadership qualities in young people.

Participants include models, and everyone within the age limit that think they have all it takes to be a winner and go home with prizes and endorsements.

Intending Participants should hurry and register on the Miky C FOMC registration page, and pass through the various stages once their application has been approved.

There are three knockout stages which include; Quiz stages (stage 1), Literary stage (stage 2), and the photo upload and voting stage 3 where participants will upload their finest contest photo(s), and solicit/get  likes, comments, and possibly shares from friends via social media, mobile, and the web generally. This will enable contestants gather points during the contest.

There will also be help available to enable contestants earn more points automatically.

At the end of stage 3, the contestants with the highest number of points awarded, wins; also there may be a beauty/fashion show for all participant that make it to stage 3 and which will hold in a physical location that will be picked/chosen by the team at the Miky C Entertainment Group and made known on the mikyc website.

Prizes to be won include: Cash; Gift items; Free promotion for your business; Talent/Skill promotion for yourself, your music, books, movie, videos, apps, and etc. There are also endorsements and juicy contracts as part of prizes to be won.

A lot of contestants will win prizes. Infact, a list of winners will win these prizes but the overall winner will go home with the most prizes won in the contest.

Terms and conditions are available at the website and the team at mikyc can be reached via facebook , twitter, instagram and email at  or

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